This post has such deep meaning to me, particularly in this season of my life.

For almost 20 years I have faithfully cared for my medically fragile daughter whom was given a max life expectancy of 3-5 years.

The JOY of being her mother has been the greatest gift of my life. But the agony of caring for a 100% dependent child in every way for that long has equally taken its toll.

The seizures, the surgeries, the sleepless nights, the sadness of “what could have been” mixed with the Joy of just seeing her live to see another day.

It’s almost more than a mamas heart can take.

I have two more daughters now, ages 6 & 7, and nothing can prepare you for “mothering” one child in the dusk of their life, and two in the dawn of theirs.

We find ourselves in the wildness like Abraham now as we fight for her life, but question why that has to include relentless suffering as her body breaks down.

Wanting her to run to the arms of Jesus, but clinging to her to remain and fight as long as possible.

Being raised a Christian has given me a compass and truth for which I am so so grateful.

But I still find myself shaking my fist at points screaming “why her” she is so innocent?

Why does she have to shake and scream from the seizures, she has done nothing wrong?

Why? Why? Why?

Then I am reminded of what Jesus endured, and also what his father had to endure on OUR BEHALF. It quickly humbles and quiets the noise, and I am reminded that this is the mere definition of FAITH.

Can I TRUST God is still good?

Can I BELIEVE his purposes are greater than her (and our) suffering?

Can I HOPE for things to come when today is dark as night?

My faith is no longer just words in a good book. It is the desperate cry for understanding when nothing makes sense.

And in my often restless heart, I hear the “still small voice” reminding me...

HIS heart breaks more than mine at her suffering.

HIS hands are holding her broken spirit even when I cannot see them.

HIS love is deeper and wider than I can even imagine.

HIS mercy is never ending.

So I CHOOSE to get up and keep on walking, KNOWING ONE DAY IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE.

And in my heart, I know there will be many souls that will celebrate with us in heaven because of having met and been impacted by a little girl who NEVER SPOKE A WORD.

Praise be to God. I can rest in this PROMISE. 🤍

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Thank you Dr.T for sharing that story, we all need to be reminded more often of our great GOD'S love for us, even Sacrificeing his own Son on our behalf, JESUS, no greater display of love has ever been shown to mankind, yes GOD loves us this is true.

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Bless you Dr Tenpenny,

God is LOVE

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👍🧡🤗 exactly right! I just tend to spot things like that and call it out. I meant no harm and certainly hope I didn’t offend you!

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Thanks for writing this, Dr.

Tenpenny. You are truly a model of strength, integrity, and faith. I feel my own faith grow from all you share and model. 🙏 Bless you!

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Amen and Amen! Thank you dear friend!! You blessed me with this! We are off to the movie in a few minutes...how blessed we are!! God is SO SO SO good to us. Thank you Dr. Tenpenny for your words of encouragement and for your showing of faith. We all need Jesus. We all need to pray. We all need to confess our sins. We WILL ALL be forgiven. We all need to remember...God chose Israel...WE the people of The United state of America...chose God. He is faithful. To God be all the glory. Much love to all.

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The scripture doesn’t say that he was told to burn his son to death. It says that he laid him on the altar and took hold of a knife to slay him but then the Lord intervened. 🧡

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Wonderful reading thank you. I do my best to follow Jesus’ words and follow his request at the last supper......After giving thanks, he broke [the loaf] and said: ‘This means my body which is in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me.’”​—1 COR. 11:24.

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You have to think, they were a dozen exit ramps for this decision. Yet he went, with all his tripediton and faith. Sometimes it seems too much, for us. Who are we, to be given all that?

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Very grateful to Abba for giving his son as a sacrifice So that through it he could bring many sons and daughters to Himself! 💚💚 I certainly meant no offense in my last comment in sharing what I read in the Scriptures. 🤗

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I also believe this story is testing Abraham's faith/loyalty. Would he really serve/obey God even if it cost him his own son?

That is a question for all of us today. Will we really serve/obey God if it costs us everything? If it costs us our families, our friends, our children? Will we bow the knee to political correctness instead? Will we acquiesce to the trans community? Will we normalize the abominable sin of homosexuality? Will we link arms with the wicked simply for political solidarity? Will we remain silent about altering DNA to all those who've done exactly that?

What if our own son or daughter was caught up on these satanic snares? Would we sacrifice that relationship to remain faithful, firmly planted on God's side against evil; even evil playing out in our adult children?

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